Why does this report exist?

I built this report so that we all get a better understanding of the tools out there and how they are being used. I hope through it you discover useful insights or maybe a tool you might not have thought of using for that use case

Discover new tools

Understand how these solutions are used by the industry

Learn "hacky" ways to use certain tools

Work more efficiently

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Key Numbers


Editions of the report

2020 and 2021



Number of tools considered for the 2021 edition 30 new tools added in 2021


Questions in the survey

From CRMs to Password managers

Miguel Pinho

Head of Technology at Seedcamp

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is a side project. My main occupation since Jan 2015 is being the Head of Technology at Seedcamp (seedcamp.com) - Europe’s seed fund where we invest early in world-class founders attacking large, global markets and solving real problems using technology.

Not until now. Potentially for future editions but, if that happens, I will always be very transparent about it. If you are keen to become a sponsor, please send me a message with what you have in mind via the Contact page form! :)

1 - Including only VC/PE focused tools would substantially limit the list of solutions considered and I was keen to be as inclusive as possible to make sure it represents “all the tools being used”. Beyond that, I also believe this is a great opportunity to discover how certain tools are being use in less obvious ways - these small “hacks” can be extremely useful for us all. 2 - Focusing on VC/PE questions and problems would be a limitation I wasn’t keen on having since I wanted the form and this report to provide a starting point answer to the question: "I am starting a fund tomorrow, what tools should I consider for my stack?”

1 - I wanted to reduce the risk of data manipulation by making sure the information was submitted by the real person. The hack I have found for this edition was to, once the form was submitted, send a confirmation email to the email indicated. This approach also reduces the likelihood of the same person submitting the form multiple times. 2 - I was keen to give an easy way for the person taking the time to contribute to get the final report straight in their email inboxes and get access to future similar activities (forms, reports, events, etc.)

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